Spence-Chapin's international adoption programs are in Bulgaria, Colombia and South Africa.

We are a Hague accredited organization with over 40 years of international adoption experience. We have made it our mission to find families for the children who are in need of adoption.

South Africa, Colombia, and Bulgaria may have specific eligibility requirements that are beyond the control of Spence-Chapin.


We advocate for children waiting for adoption as we support and guide families through the adoption process. We strive to reduce barriers to adoption and that’s why Spence-Chapin advocates fiercely for all types of parents to be eligible to adopt, sets our Professional Service fees lower than average adoption costs, and provides financial resources whenever possible. All families adopting through Spence-Chapin have access to the Adoption Finance Coach, a private coach who offers adoptive families the tools they need to create a customized financial plan to fund their adoption. Our goal is to find adoptive families for children in need and to prepare, support, and guide that family for their lifetime.

Spence-Chapin does not discriminate on the basis of actual or perceived race, creed, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, military status, genetics, genetic predisposition or carrier status, HIV status, marital or partnership status, familial or caregiver status, or any other legally protected status.

On February 1, 2018, the US Department of State and the Accrediting Entity, Intercountry Adoption Accreditation and Maintenance Entity (“IAAME”), implemented a new fee structure applicable to all Adoption Service Providers (US Adoption Agencies.) This $500.00 “Monitoring and Oversight” fee will apply to all international adoption cases. IAAME will collect the $500.00 fee from Spence-Chapin for each application accepted and approved by Spence-Chapin and will require regular and ongoing reporting on all cases. As such, clients will be required to pay the $500.00 as described above in addition to all other program fees. The Monitoring and Oversight fee is a one-time, mandatory fee for all approved clients and it is non-refundable. This fee applies to all clients applying to our South Africa, Colombia, Colombia Heritage, or Bulgaria program, whether local or networking.

IAAME is also requiring an additional $500.00 payment per child if and when a client family accepts a referral of more than one child. In its efforts to remain child-focused and reduce barriers to international adoption, Spence-Chapin is committed to absorbing the cost of any additional “per child” cost after the initial monitoring fee has been paid.

For more information on Monitoring and Oversight fees, please visit the Department of State website here and here.

Home Study Services

Spence-Chapin provides Hague international home studies for NY/NJ families working with agencies throughout the country and adopting from many countries around the world, including South Korea, Jamaica, China, Ethiopia, India, Haiti, the Philippines, and Taiwan, and many more. Our home studies meet the highest legal regulations set for international adoption. We provide you the expertise, professionalism, and the support of an entire adoption team. READ MORE

Pre-Adoption Coaching

We offer emotional support throughout the adoption process! Coaching sessions are available for anyone before or during their adoption process. A coaching session is an opportunity for you to speak one-on-one with one of our skilled social workers in our office or on the phone. Families come in to discuss a variety of topics, including: is adoption the right choice for my family, preparing to adopt a child of a different race, emotional support during the wait, and helping spouses who aren’t on the same page about adoption decisions.

Post-Adoption Support

Our post-adoption support is here for your family! We offer robust post-adoption support through consultations, counseling, and programs for adoptive parents and kids. LEARN MORE


Our adoption team has a long history of working with families living across the United States. Spence-Chapin collaborates with established adoption agencies to assist families in completing an international home study in their home state.