Your domestic adoption journey begins here.

For more than 100 years, Spence-Chapin has been guiding families through the adoption process with comprehensive services and lifelong support. Spence-Chapin has supported thousands of families adopting domestically and we have the expertise to work with your family.

Spence-Chapin offers Domestic Adoption Home Study Services for families in New York and New Jersey and provides pre-adoption coaching for prospective adoptive parents throughout the country.

Our Full-Service Domestic Infant Adoption Program has connected thousands of babies in need of loving, permanent homes to families throughout New York and New Jersey. Our experienced staff will support you step-by-step to grow your family through adoption.

Ready to start?

Domestic Adoption Home Study

Families pursuing domestic infant adoption often explore two paths: an organization or independent/attorney adoption. Spence-Chapin has provided home studies for hundreds of families adopting independently and we have the expertise to work with you and your adoption attorney. We provide domestic home studies for organization or independent (attorney) adoptions. Spence-Chapin provides home study and support services as you work closely with the attorney to navigate the legal process of adoption.

Spence-Chapin can provide recommendations for reputable adoption attorneys in the NYC area. Overall, Spence-Chapin recommends working with an experienced adoption attorney, preferably a member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys. Read more about domestic home studies with Spence-Chapin on our blog.

Ready to begin the domestic adoption home study process? Submit the free home study application today!

Full-Service Domestic Infant Adoption Program

For over a century, Spence-Chapin has been finding loving adoptive parents for children in need of adoption in New York & New Jersey. The babies in need of adoption reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of the birth families we serve in New York City metro area. Children in need of adoption often have risks and unknowns in their medical history.

How do I apply?

The first step is to attend an upcoming domestic adoption webinar. Our staff will share details about domestic adoption at Spence-Chapin – who the children are in need of adoption, the matching process, options counseling and support for biological parents, open adoption, steps in the adoption process, and more. All webinar attendees will receive the adoption application.        

How long will I wait to be matched with a child?

Families wait an average of 24 months after completing their home study.

Who can adopt domestically?

  • Most United States legal residents who are in good physical, mental, and emotional health

  • Single persons, married & unmarried couples, heterosexual and LGBTQ families

  • People of many ages, including in their 20s and over age 50

What adoption expenses should I be prepared for?

Families should anticipate a $300 fee to submit the Domestic Adoption Application. The all-inclusive fee for the Domestic Infant Adoption Program is $46,000. Join our next Domestic Adoption at Spence-Chapin webinar to learn more or call us today about adoption expenses. Read our Domestic Adoption FAQ on the blog.

Email our team to receive information about: common medical risks, open adoption, additional resources, who are birth parents, and upcoming events.


Through Spence-Chapin’s unique Special Needs Adoption Program, children born with medical special needs or at a high risk of developing significant special needs have found adoptive families. The infants and children in need of adoption have a variety of special needs, from significant developmental issues to serious medical and congenital conditions.