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Adoption Resource Center Fall 2012 Workshops

Lots of parents are interested in finding out more about how to effectively raise their children in today's challenging world. Parenting has never been an easy job, and it seems to be getting tougher. The world has changed for kids, and parents are caught between old methods and new situations. Adoption adds an extra layer onto parenting which can make it even more of a challenge for parents. The Adoption Resource Center at Spence-Chapin designs its parenting workshops to help adoptive parents prepare for the support and understanding their children will need from them.  

This Fall we have some great workshops and guest speakers:

Paul J. Lee, MD, Attending Physician, Director, International Adoption Program at Winthrop University Hospital, will give an overview of typical medical issues and conditions internationally adopted children face - September 18.

Rita Taddonio, the director of ARC, will talk about building resilience in children - October 1.

On November 5th, re-known psychologist Dr. Boris Gindis will talk about learning issues in adoption and how you can engage school administrators and get the resources that your child needs.


Other workshops of note are:

Child Development and International Adoption

Adoption + Teens = Complicated

Finding the Right Words to Talk to your Children about Adoption


Our specialist teams in the Resource Center Center are skilled and thoughtful social workers, with an expertise in adoption. We hope you can join us for some, or all of these workshops. Click here to learn more


Long Island Adoption Mini-Conference, April 14

  Spence-Chapin's Adoption Resource Center provides the building blocks, education, and support that adoptive families may need at different life stages.

On Saturday April 14th we will be hosting a mini-conference day in our Long Island offices.  Adoptive families and those considering adoption, will have the opportunity to participate in workshops with a trained social worker.  Our workshop topics will be:

  • Building Resilience in our Children - one of the best gifts we can give.
  • Different kids, Different Stories - helping your children cope with life’s disparities and discussing these differences in a positive way.
  • Adult Adoptees Share Their Stories - sharing their unique insights into the ways that adoption has impacted their lives.

We will also host an Information Meeting where those who are considering adoption can learn more about the options in International and Domestic adoption, what the current climate of adoption is, and how to make an informed decision about the type of child you could welcome into your family.

Learn more, and register in advance.

Location: Spence-Chapin Services 1363 Veterans Memorial Hwy, Suite 40 Hauppauge, NY