Waiting Children

Every child deserves a family. 

In New York and around the world there are infants and children waiting for the love and stability of an adoptive family. All the children profiled below are part of our Special Needs or International Adoption programs- Spence-Chapin has eliminated our Professional Services fee for these adoptions. The children listed here are in immediate need of an adoptive family. We take the privacy of children seriously. We don’t publicly use a child’s photo unless we have permission from their guardian. Contact our team for passwords to view private photos of waiting children. 

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Domestic Special Needs Waiting Children

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Waiting Child (Domestic Special Needs): Hannah, 10 months old

Hannah's birth parents have identified an adoptive family and are making an adoption plan.


International Waiting Children

Why aren’t there photos for all the children?

We take the privacy of children seriously. We don’t publicly use a child’s photo unless we have permission from their guardian. We are happy to share photos and videos of these children to families who email us about international adoption. 

Eve (International
Waiting Child)

Eve is a 15-year-old girl residing in South Africa. She is described as "very sweet with a soft spoken voice." She is in need of a loving family to call her own. Read More

YenNifer (International Waiting Child)

Yennifer is a sweet 6-year-old girl with Down syndrome living in a children's home in Colombia. Read More

Minko (International Waiting Child)

Minko is a sociable, enthusiastic and communicative 12-year-old boy living in a children’s home in Bulgaria. 
Read More


Spence-Chapin takes the privacy rights of the children whom we are seeking to place very seriously. These images may not be released, copied or distributed in any form. Impermissible disclosure of the images may result in legal action.