National Adoption Month is celebrated every November across the United States.

This National Adoption Month we want to celebrate by sharing stories of individuals connected to adoption from all walks of life. This page is dedicated to telling these stories, through photos, words, and video.

Are you connected to adoption? Share your story with our community!

Want to contribute but need an idea? Here are questions to get you started!

  • What’s an adoption myth you want to bust?
  • What do you wish your friends or community knew about adoption?
  • Share a favorite family memory
  • How are you going to celebrate National Adoption Month?
  • What does Spence-Chapin mean to you?
  • How do you connect to the adoption community in your life?

Meet Christine and Ricardo's family!

Mentors Talk about the Benefits of an Adoption Mentorship Program. 

Birth mothers talk about their choice to make an adoption plan

Mariah shares her story about making an adoption plan for her son.

Scott shares his story about seeking support when making a plan for their third child.

Meet Dalila and Tony's family!

Adoptees share stories for prospective adoptive parents.

Latoya talks about the support she found at Spence-Chapin after making an adoption plan for her baby.

Adopting a waiting child story.

Aline shares her story about making an adoption plan for her son.

Melissa shares her story about making an adoption plan for her daughter.

This story highlights one family's journey & the impact your gift has on their ability to welcome their son home.

What People Are Saying About Spence-Chapin

 "Thank you, Spence Chapin, for helping our three baby girls find their way home."
"Spence-Chapin is wonderful! They're friendly, informative, responsive, and encouraging. Their programs and resources are impressive. I highly recommend them."
"We could not have been happier with our experience with Spence-Chapin. The entire staff is incredible, and we feel so lucky to be part of the Spence-Chapin family."
"The people at Spence-Chapin are professionals. You can count on them for the expertise and organization you need in a completing your home study. Truly A+. And they've been doing it a very long time."