Mary and Chris knew they wanted to grow their family through adoption, and after welcoming home their daughter Arri, the couple discovered Spence-Chapin’s South Africa program. 

They liked that children placed through this program tended to fall into more vulnerable categories: having special needs, being school-aged, or being part of a sibling group. Further, they were encouraged by Spence-Chapin’s enthusiasm and honesty about the adoption process.

In 2014, Mary and Chris were matched with Etta, and excitedly traveled to Johannesburg to meet their daughter. Arri and Etta connected quickly, walking out of the care center hand in hand.

The whole family has been home together now for nearly two years. Etta is thriving, thanks to the love, affection, and stability her family provides. 

Mary and Chris are so thankful to Spence-Chapin for helping them to complete their family, and cannot imagine life without Etta.

Spence-Chapin’s work has always focused on finding the right family for each child, and helping to ensure that each placement has the support it needs to succeed. Our mission is driven by the simple belief that every child deserves a family.

From now until the end of June, each gift to the Spence-Chapin annual fund will be matched by a generous donor – up to $25,000.  Join us today in connecting more families like Mary, Chris, Arri, and Etta.  Your support makes our work possible!