In the fall of 1990 we met at work and began dating in February of 1991 and married in June of 2000. Since then we have never been apart for more than a week. We do almost everything together. Our road to become biological parents has not been easy, but adoption was always a part of our plans.

We live in NYC and love going to the beach, restaurants, parks and museums.

Our Lives

Raymond loves reading books on history and strange facts. Sonya loves cooking and reading books on science and health. On our vacations, we love traveling to the Caribbean or staying home visiting local sites. We are looking forward to sharing our vacations and day-to-day life with a child.

If we are chosen to be parents to your child she or he will have all the opportunity, fun and love every parent wants for their child. Your child will know that they are adopted, as there are two cousins that were adopted by extended family member and we love them dearly.

Our Family

Raymond’s parents live in the country in upstate NY where we love hiking through the woods and visiting farm stands. We visit several times a year and holidays. Sonya’s family lives in the NY metro area. Raymond’s siblings also live in the NY metro area. We get together several times a month.

Final Thoughts

"Our family is excited to have a new addition. With two recent births in the family our child will have no shortage of playmates."

- Raymond & Sonya