Is adoption the right choice for me and my baby?

Spence-Chapin is here for you. We are a trusted and reputable non-profit adoption agency providing quality services for over 100 years in NY and NJ. We offer a safe space for you to explore your options with a counselor who will give you the information and support you need, and advocate for you and your baby. The options we can help you consider are adoption, finding support to parent, kinship care, foster care and abortion. We want you to fully consider all your options and rights and feel confident in the plan you ultimately decide on.

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If you are ready to find a family, You don’t have to do it alone!

Let us help you choose a family you can trust. Adoptive parents registered with Spence-Chapin have all been properly screened and are well-prepared for parenting and open adoption.  We have all types of waiting families you can choose from and meet. We’ll be there with you for support and help you create the level of openness and type of relationship you want with the adoptive parents. Your privacy and safety will always be respected and you can chose a closed adoption if you prefer.

Get the Trusted and Experienced Help You Deserve at Spence-Chapin

You can call, text or email us anytime. Our counselors are on-call and will travel to meet you at a convenient time and place (within 100 miles of NYC).

We can assist you with transportation, pregnancy related expenses and connect you to resources like prenatal care and other services.

Looking for an adoptive family alone or online can feel intimidating and make you anxious. At Spence-Chapin, you will have your own counselor who is focused solely on you and your wishes. You will not have to navigate this process alone or feel pressured to make a decision before you are ready.

As experienced adoption professionals, we understand what others don’t. We’ll help you navigate any difficult conversations or unwanted questions/comments from your healthcare provider, or in the community throughout your pregnancy and after giving birth.

We’re there to support you throughout your adoption planning. If you chose an open adoption, this may include Including when you meet the adoptive family, support at the hospital after your baby is born, and at the adoption ceremony.  We’ll be your advocate and your support system to help you get the care, privacy and respect you deserve. You’ll have access to our support for as long as you need. Read more

You can also use our free interim care program to care for your baby after leaving the hospital while you consider your options. Our interim care providers have provided loving and brief care for hundreds of babies we have worked with throughout the years. You retain all your parental rights while your baby is in interim care and are free to visit and receive updates.

We can help find families for babies of any background, including those with special medical needs. Please call us to get the confidential and unbiased support you need. Read more

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Commitment to serving all people in need including minors, LGBTQ people, immigrants and undocumented immigrants, those with addiction, those with chronic illness and survivors of rape, incest or other crimes. Please call us for confidential assistance.