Hello, we are Mike and Morgan!

We are Mike and Morgan! 

Early on in our relationship we talked about wanting children, and feel so excited to be finally taking that journey through adoption! We live in Brooklyn with our rescue dog, Charlie. We love living in the city, but also love spending time in nature with friends in upstate New York. We also have very close family relationships, and see both of our parents multiple times a year, as well as Mike’s sister and her two kids, Mya and Marcus. We have family in Minnesota, New Mexico, and California, so we travel to one of these places every year, and our families come and visit us in NY as well. We also love to explore the world, lived in rural China for two years, and Denmark for one year.


About Mike

Job Description
HR Consultant

Swimming, Baking, Playing the piano and guitar, Learning languages

Fun Fact
Mike has worked as a professional opera singer, most recently appearing in a leading role with New York City Opera.


About Morgan

Job Description
Business Consultant

Cooking, Fitness, Playing with the dog, Traveling

Fun Fact
Morgan speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese.

Our Lives

Morgan is a hardcore home cook, and loves to have friends over for dinner parties. Mike is a great baker, and musician. 
Our house is often full of music and people and books (and dogs!). We can’t wait to bring our child to our house upstate and go canoeing, read stories around the fireplace, go apple picking in the fall, and play in the snow in the winter. We also have a very tight-knit group of friends we made in graduate school, many of whom have kids of their own, and we can’t wait to bring our child into that extended “family.” Family, in the broadest definition, has always been so important to us, and if you choose us to be the parents of your child, we promise he or she will grow up with a strong network of support and love.

Our Family

Morgan’s parents are 70, retired ex-hippies, and live in the beautiful mountains of New Mexico. They are serious motorcycle enthusiasts, and go at least once a month on a motorcycle trip around the Southwest. Mike’s parents are 60, and live in Minneapolis with their two dogs. His sister Katie lives near them with her two children, Mya (5 years old) and Marcus (3 years old). Our families are close, and we often travel together, sometimes with Mike’s extended family or Morgan’s family friends.

In Conclusion

Thanks for getting to know us! We would be so excited to bring your child into our family.