Hello, we are Mike and Morgan!

We are Mike and Morgan!

We met in 2002 at Ohio’s Oberlin College, where we were both music students (Michael studied Voice, Composition and Piano, and Morgan studied Clarinet before changing majors to Political Science and East Asian Studies). Right away, we talked about wanting children someday, and always felt strongly that we wanted to adopt. We live in Brooklyn with our rescue dog, Charlie. We love the city, but also spending time in nature with friends in upstate New York, where we have a second home we bought with our two best friends. We also are super close with our families, including Mike’s sister and two kids, Mya (7) and Marcus (4) and see them multiple times a year. We also love to explore the world, lived in rural China for two years, and Denmark for one year.


About Mike

Job Description

Pop songwriting, playing the piano and guitar, baking, learning languages, reading

Fun Fact
Mike works a professional opera singer, most recently appearing in a leading role with New York City Opera


About Morgan

Job Description
Partner at a Business Consulting Firm

Cooking, Music, Fitness, Playing with the dog, Traveling

Fun Fact
Morgan speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese

Our Lives

We love hosting dinner parties for friends and family (including holidays with all our folks together!). We have an extremely close group of friends from graduate school at Yale, now with kids of their own. Family, in the broadest definition, has always been so important to us. Morgan’s parents raised him in an extended “family” of friends who he still refers to as aunts and uncles. Mike’s family on both sides always puts family first. He also has many close musician and artist friends, and we often go to (or collaborate on!) their concerts or other art events. If you choose us to be the parents of your child, we promise he or she will grow up with a strong network of support and love.

Our Family

Morgan’s parents are 71 (father is a blues bassist and stained-glass artist, mother worked for Albuquerque’s department of Family and Community Services and is an active community volunteer), retired ex-hippies, and live in the beautiful mountains of New Mexico. They love motorcycles and take trips many times a year around the Southwest, often to music festivals. Mike’s parents are 61, and live in Minneapolis. His sister Katie lives near them with her two children, Mya (7 years old) and Marcus (4 years old). Our families are extremely close with each other, and we often travel together as a big group.

In Conclusion

Thanks for getting to know us! We would be so excited to bring your child into our family.