Adoption Options for ALL Families.

As a recipient of the Human Rights Campaign's "All Children - All Families" seal of recognition, Spence-Chapin is committed to equality in adoption and is proud of the many children we have placed in loving, stable, same-sex households.

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Spence-Chapin's Programs & Services for LGBTQ Parents

International Adoption


South Africa Adoption
Spence-Chapin began its South Africa Adoption Program in 2013 to find permanent loving families for toddlers and young children with special needs. We are one of only three U.S. organizations accredited to do adoptions in South Africa and we are proud to work with Johannesburg Child Welfare, a social services organization that has been supporting vulnerable children and families in Johannesburg since 1909.


Colombia Adoption
For over 25 years, Spence-Chapin has partnered with the Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar (ICBF), Colombia’s central authority, to find permanent, loving families for infants, toddlers, pre-school and school-age children in need of adoption.

Spence-Chapin offers two pathways to pursue adoption from Colombia: our Colombia Waiting Child Program, which is open to families of all backgrounds, and our Colombia Heritage Adoption Program which is open to Colombian-American families.

Domestic Adoption


Domestic Infant Adoption
Our Full-Service Domestic Infant Adoption Program has connected thousands of babies in need of loving, permanent homes to families throughout the New York Metro area. Our program encourages open adoption. Children placed reflect the diversity of the NYC area and are primarily of African-American and Hispanic backgrounds.

This program is open only to families in the greater NYC area (includes Long Island, New Jersey, and the Hudson Valley).


Domestic Special Needs Adoption
Spence-Chapin's Domestic Special Needs Adoption Program places medically fragile infants and young children with adoptive families throughout the United States. Spence-Chapin seeks families who are open to raising a child with significant special needs and who have the desire to help a child flourish.


Adoption Home Study Services

Spence-Chapin offers home study services to any family pursuing a domestic or international adoption that resides within 100 miles of New York City in New York or New Jersey. This includes the adoption of an infant while working with any agency or attorney, step-parent and second parent adoptions, as well as embryo adoption. Read our home study FAQ to learn more.


Counseling and Community Programming

Spence-Chapin provides birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoptees a supportive community and a connection to professionals who understand the unique aspects of adoption.

We offer culturally sensitive, LGBTQ-affirming care in an accepting, nonjudgmental environment. Services include pre-adoption consultations, counseling, support groups, referrals, programs for LGBTQ kids and teens, LGBTQ parent workshops and trainings for LGBTQ professionals.

Adoption from Foster Care

Spence-Chapin is not a licensed foster care agency but does provide counseling and support to foster and foster-adoptive parents. For more information on foster care adoption, please visit the following resources:

New York Foster Care

New Jersey Foster Care


Dave Thomas Foundation

Wendy's Wonderful Kids

Adoption Resources

Please consider these resources for additional information:

Human Rights Campaign: All Children - All Families is a project of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, which promotes LGBTQ inclusive policies and affirming practices among child welfare agencies and formally recognizes those agencies that are leading the field with innovative approaches to inclusion. All Children All Families has many resources on their site for families to learn more and also includes a list of participating agencies by state.

Family Equality Council publishes state by state LGBTQ family law guides which can be a helpful place to begin to learn about the laws governing the state in which you live.

The LGBT Bar Association’s Family Law Institute maintains a directory of lawyers committed to diversity.

The Center (NYC) has been supporting, fostering, and celebrating the LGBT community of NYC since 1983.

Gay Parent Magazine

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Spence-Chapin has received the Human Rights Campaign's National Seal of Approval for the All Children-All Families Initiative and also has partnered with the Family Equality Council as an "Ally for Adoption."