Hello, I am Konstantine!

I live and work in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I am an owner of two daycare centers in Park Slope. My mother lives just a few blocks away from me and she works in one of my daycares. Working with children has been the biggest blessing for me. I am very excited to become a father; after thinking for a few years, I decided I wouldn’t have a child any other way but through adoption, in order to provide love and care to someone who is in need of a family. I am very lucky to have big support of my family and close friends. My circle of friends is very diverse, and I have New York to thank for it. I am very happy to be living in such an amazing city that has so much to offer to everyone. I am also very close to my sister and nephew, who don’t live in New York, but I still see them very often.

About Konstantine

Job Description
Owner and Director of Daycare Centers

Traveling, Biking, Snowboarding, Reading

Fun Fact
I would try any kind of food that is offered to me while traveling, even if I don't know what's exactly inside.

My Life

I am a hardworking person who moved to United States when I was 19 years old. I worked hard to get where I am at now, and I’m really enjoying my job and life now. This is why I feel that now is the time for me to become a Dad! I love working with children and their families. In addition, I’ve always loved traveling, cooking, exercising and living a healthy lifestyle and I look forward to sharing these things with a child. I try to visit 4 countries every year, often traveling with family and friends; I love interacting with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

My Family

I spend a lot of time with my family and friends, especially with my mom, with whom I like to eat out and try new foods. I’m always looking forward to spending holidays with my sister and nephew who is 17 years old. With my friends I like to visit new places, cook dinners or just enjoy good conversations. My family and friends will be a big part of my child’s life and are very excited to welcome him or her with love.

In Conclusion

If you decide to choose me as a parent of your child, I will always be there for them and I will give her/him all the love and support. I’m very much looking forward to sharing my life with my future child who will have an amazing, supportive and loving father he/she can always count on.