Hello, I am Kelly!

Thank you for getting to know me, and my dog Parker! Our little household is so ready to grow, with your help. I want you to know how excited I am at the prospect of being a mother. I’ve been looking forward to this my whole life. My family and friends are equally excited and my parents are already thinking of how to move their lives closer to me in Brooklyn so they can be a daily part of the baby’s life. As first time grandparents, they are beside themselves with anticipation. Unconditional love is already in our hearts for this baby. And the laughter, curiosity, affection and nurturing that I intend for our family is lying in wait. I will be grateful to you forever for making this possible for me.


About Kelly

Job Description
Running high schools for off-track youth

Hiking, travel, design (especially in my own apartment!), gardening, theater, natural history, and surfing.

Fun Fact
I have been a vegetarian for 28 years, but it’s never stopped me from finding amazing meals all over the world!

My Life

Parker and I like to get outside. We get away on the weekends to hike in the woods or visit friends and family. My parents live 100 feet from the beach in New Jersey, and visiting their home has a big family feel with lots of familiar faces from multiple generations on the weekends. During the week, spending quiet evenings at home and taking advantage of the neighborhood are a priority. Being near a park and lot of playgrounds will offer so many chances to be outside. Tennis, youth sports, and safe places to ride bikes are all easily available. I can't wait to help my child learn to take advantage of what New York City has to offer. Every day includes walking Parker and watching him play with his dog friends in the park - which will become a family event!

Though I live and work in Brooklyn, I see the whole world as my community. I’ve traveled to over 30 countries and all over the U.S., always with an interest in eating great local food and experiencing nature and wildlife. My work means a lot to me. I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve the life they want, so my entire career has been dedicated to helping vulnerable youth gain access to school communities that help them grow and succeed. Doing work that supports my neighborhood and my city means a lot to me. Working everyday with caring people who share my values is priceless.

My Family

My brother and my parents have been supportive of every step of my journey to parenthood, which has been a blessing. Because it is just the four of us, I’m fortunate that my ‘family’ reaches beyond blood relationships. Most of my 'cousins' are old family friends I've known my whole life. Boston, Cape Cod, New London, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, DC. Detroit, San Francisco, Denver and Seattle. They are everywhere, and I see them when I can. 

I can't wait to share these places and loved ones with my child. A close friend has 3 young boys and I spend time with them all 6-7 times per year including vacation. Another longtime friend and his boyfriend are ecstatic about being ‘uncles’! I hope my child will continue the tradition of 'family' meaning the people he or she grows up with so that we all remain connected. You will be part of this family too, certainly in the child’s understanding of who they are and where they come from, but also present in our lives, if and when you are ready.

In Conclusion

Having a family is my greatest wish, and I am already overwhelmed with gratitude that your courage is going to fulfill my lifelong aspiration. I'm ready when you are.