Hello, we are Jeffrey & Matt!

We are a couple of gentle souls, quick to laugh, full of love, and excited to build a family together. We promise to be playful and serious, brave and worried, adventurous and cautious. We are determined to discover and nurture the unique person that your baby holds within.

Our desire to become dads has grown over our 16 years together. As our siblings and friends started to create families, we've discovered the joy we feel while playing games, making drawings, swimming, and reading with all the children in our lives. While babysitting, we've learned how to change diapers, 
set limits, and reassure. Along the way, we started imagining the possibility of a family of our own.

We live in a sunny apartment in a building full of interesting neighbors in a beautiful and diverse neighborhood in Brooklyn. It's a magical place to be a kid (and an adult). 
We are excited to bring a child into this community.

About Matt

Job Description
Landscape Architect

Swimming, biking, and reading in the park

Fun Fact
Matt is certified to trim street trees as a 'Citizen Pruner.'

About Jeffrey

Job Description
Landscape Architect

Gardening, biking, swimming, long urban hikes

Fun Fact
Jeffrey is cultivating a meadow garden at our building using plants which attract bees and butterflies.

Our Lives

At home, we read, listen to music and cook together. Jeffrey occasionally breaks out in dance. We make a point of sitting down for dinner together every night. In the summertime, we often grill in the backyard with neighbors. We take vacations with family to the coast of California, midwestern lakes or islands in Maine. We also love to explore the city and the region. We ride our bikes to Prospect Park or to the beach. Sometimes we take a train up the Hudson to go hiking. We have a drawer full of games which we play with our friends and their kids when they come over.

Our Family

Matt's sister lives a few subway stops away and is already begging to babysit. Our niece, who is 5, and our nephews, 8 and 11 are all excited about having a new baby cousin. Our parents and siblings tear up with love and encouragement when we talk about the adoption process. We also have a chosen family of longtime friends who are rooting for us in the decision to adopt. It feels reassuring to know that we have all this support as we take the huge leap into parenthood. 

In Conclusion

We wonder who you are and what you are going through as you try to make this decision for your baby. There is an aspect of fate in this process that feels profound. We look forward to meeting you and talking about what the future may hold for this child and for all of us. 

We pledge to provide unconditional love, comfort and refuge at home, encouragement, support, opportunity, and to learn who this child is, wants to be and will become.