Hello, we are Jeff & John!

We are a loving couple looking to expand our family and create an amazing, happy life for our child. We met through Jeff’s best friend, Azim, and John’s sister, Ashley, 6 years ago and have been making each other laugh ever since. We live in a beautiful, diverse neighborhood in Brooklyn. Before moving to NYC, Jeff grew up outside of Toronto and John grew up in Omaha. We have always dreamt of being parents (we are pretty sure we discussed this on one of our first dates!) and we are so excited to grow our family through adoption. We have a shared love of cooking, learning about different cultures through travel, discussing new ideas, and just taking time to enjoy the moments of life, big and small. We’re thrilled that you have invited us along this journey with you.


About Jeff

Job Description

Running, gardening, cooking, reading

Fun Fact
I learned German as an exchange student, where I also gained 20 pounds in a love affair with local pastries.


About John

Job Description
Clinical Social Worker

Cooking, reading, working out, dancing

Fun Fact
Christmas is my all-time favorite holiday – so much so that I chose to dress as an elf during a holiday party where Jeff and I met.

Our Lives

We live in a very loving household that expands beyond the walls of our home. We are surrounded by a diverse group of close friends and family who are thrilled to welcome the newest member of our family. On a typical week you can find us cooking up a new recipe we were inspired by online, taking leisurely walks around our neighborhood, indulging in a bit of ice cream, laughing at our niece’s newest trick, playing cards, having lively dinner conversations, making s’mores in our backyard (but only after working out together – we need some balance!). We love seeing the world when we can and immersing in new cultures, and we can’t wait to share in exciting adventures with our child. In fact, we have made a habit of buying a new book for our child from every country we’ve visited as a couple.

Our Family

We are extremely close with our families, which will play a large role in our child’s life. John is best friends with his sister, Ashley, who lives with her husband Marc and their daughter Vivienne a couple of neighborhoods over. We see them at least once a week for a family dinner and together time. John’s parents also frequently visit New York from Nebraska, and cannot wait to become grandparents for the second time. Jeff’s family lives in Toronto, and regularly make the trip south to New York to visit. Jeff’s sister, Andrea, and her husband Graham, have a daughter, Julia, and a son, John, who are 8 and 6. We host American Thanksgiving every year at our place where our family comes together to enjoy food, each other’s company, and to decorate our Christmas tree to kick off the holiday season. Jeff’s parents love playing cards – in fact, Nicole, Jeff’s mother, was so excited when she became a bridge life master that she wowed the senior citizen hall with her celebratory dance moves. Marilee, John’s mom, is the ultimate hostess – she is known for turning a typical dinner into a celebration and coined the term ‘every meal’s a party.’ Our child will also have a set of great grandparents – John’s maternal grandmother and grandfather are still living, and they are an inspiring match of opposites (grandmother is a painter, grandfather a math teacher) who cannot wait to meet their newest great-grandchild.

In Conclusion

We are so grateful that you have invited us to share in your adoption journey. We are committed to being the most loving and caring parents in the world and making a beautiful life for our child. We hope to support our child through not only life’s ups and downs, but also all of the in between moments. We are so looking forward to meeting you.