Hello, we are Jason & Lilli!

We fell in love over thirteen years ago when we worked at a children’s tutoring center and have been nearly inseparable ever since. We were married six years ago.  After living in Brooklyn for many years, we recently bought our house in Montclair, New Jersey, a welcoming, diverse town with friendly neighbors and large parks. We enjoy meeting new people, learning about other cultures, and trying new foods.  Our town has many concerts, cultural events, and delicious restaurants. We also love to travel. Our favorite recent trips together were to Southeast Asia and South Africa.

The most important thing to us is spending time with our family and friends.  We love to take group trips hiking, swimming in the ocean, and apple picking. Jason is an amazing cook and we often have our family and friends over for delicious meals. Our home is the newly designated Thanksgiving house and we look forward to hosting many holiday celebrations over the years.

Thank you for reading our profile as you consider whether adoption is right for you.  We are so excited to be parents one day and look forward to welcoming a child into our lives through adoption.  Lilli's brother joined her family through adoption, so we know first-hand how wonderful adoption is.


About Lilli

Job Description

Hiking, reading mystery novels, going to the beach and gardening.

Fun Fact
Lilli loves to dance and took Congolese dance classes throughout college.


About Jason

Job Description
Electrical Engineer

Playing and watching baseball, basketball and soccer, music (Jason has been to hundreds of concerts!)

Fun Fact
Jason has perfected the art of making Italian meatballs. It takes eight hours and they taste amazing.

Our Lives

We live in a college town in New Jersey, close to New York City, in a warm home that we have filled with books and music. We have two sweet cats who cuddle with us as we read or watch movies. On weekends, we love to spend time with our family and friends making elaborate meals and playing board games. We are pretty handy and like to build furniture and take on home projects.  We also love to spend time outside in nature and at fun community events.

We will provide our future child with a caring and supportive home. We both love children and have babysat and tutored children of various ages. Many of our family and friends have young children and we enjoy spending time with them.  We dream of one day playing on jungle gyms, going to the beach and museums, and reading endless books with our child.

Our Family

We are fortunate to have an amazing, supportive family who cannot wait for us to adopt a child. Lilli's brother and Jason's brother, aunts, uncles and cousins all live near us. We get together with them all the time for BBQs, holidays, and just to catch up. Jason's cousins have young children and we look forward to our child having cousins close in age to grow up with. Lilli's parents live in Michigan and Jason's parents and sister live in South Carolina. We talk on the phone, Skype, and visit them often.

In Conclusion

“Thank you for reading our profile and taking the time to get to know us. We have an incredible amount of respect for you and your experience. We understand it takes a lot of courage to consider adoption, and we feel there is no greater gift. If after reading about us, you would like to know more, please feel free to reach out with any questions. We would be honored to have the opportunity to get to know each other.”

- Jason and Lilli