Hello, we are Glennda & Jama!

We live (with our dog Meatloaf) in Asbury Park, a diverse, artistic beach town in New Jersey.

We work well as a couple because of our mix of silliness, kindness, and love. Glennda keeps up with politics and fashion trends, while Jama nerds out over the latest social work research and cookie recipes. We have wanted to welcome a child into our family for years, and look forward to taking her/him on many adventures, large and small. The ocean is just a few blocks away from our house, and we’ve spent the past few summers admiring families making sandcastles with their little ones. As people who work on social justice issues, we believe in acceptance, love, and kindness. We’re a part of a community full of that, and we look forward to raising our child surrounded by people who share those same values.


About Glennda

Job Description:
Nonprofit Executive Director

Bike riding, reading, going to the beach


About Jama

Job Description:
Social Work Professor

Running, cooking, going to the beach, gardening

Our Fun Fact:
We love to have themed dress-up parties with our friends, where we sometimes perform choreographed dances for fun. We also both love the ocean and playing games.

Our Lives

We live in an amazing beach town - Asbury Park, New Jersey. We own our two-bedroom home, which is a few blocks from the beach and has an enormous backyard.
We often host game nights and cook outs for our friends and neighbors. Everyone on our block knows each other, which is something we really like. We go to the beach every chance we get! We also love how close the city is, and look forward to going on adventures there with our child.

Our Family

We are both close to our immediate families, some of whom live close by and some who are in other states.
Our families are excited that we are adopting a child. Our nephews and niece are especially excited! We often talk about what it will be like when our child arrives with our close friends/chosen family. For example, if we go to one of the outdoor movies on the beach, we excitedly discuss bringing our child when they’re old enough. Or when we went to see the town Christmas Tree, everyone talked about who would be able to hold our child up high enough to see over the crowd.

In Conclusion

Thank you for looking at our profile! We are happy to answer any questions you have for us, and look forward to hearing about your life and your hopes.

We have created a home that we love! We are surrounded by people who value and support one another and who will welcome a child with open arms. Because we think so much about our life with a child, we feel like they are already here in spirit and we can’t wait until they are physically with us!