Hello, we are Frederick & Laure!

After meeting through Laure's best friend, we spent every single day together for three years straight (which amazed our friends) and have been pretty much inseparable ever since. We got married eight years ago and live in NYC, near the Hudson next to a gorgeous park, in which our sweetheart American Staffordshire pup keeps us fit on long walks. Frederick is French-Canadian and Laure is French-American, and we regularly visit our extended family in Paris, Toronto, and at the family farms in upstate New York and the suburbs of Phoenix (we even found out both of our great-aunts live 3 miles apart in the South of France!). After work, we're often down with the weekend classics: from biking, hiking, boating, dining out, cooking (then regretting the dishes and dining out again), concerts, local beaches, galleries, theater, renting a Zipcar to shop the suburbs and sing car-karaoke to (whew!) weekends of never leaving home, cozying up with a good movie, takeout, our dog, and each other. We lead a full and happy life, and look forward to raising a happy, healthy child.

About Frederick

Job Description
Historic building preservation and restoration 

Learning to sail, road trips, home remodeling, and binge-watching This is Us and The Walking Dead; accidental collector of tape measures

Fun Fact
Lists the architectural replicas and sculpted signs all along Las Vegas Boulevard (the Strip) as his living work portfolio

About Laure

Job Description
Fashion/beauty magazine editor

Acting family IT expert, road trips, urban exploration via a folding bike, binge-watching The Walking Dead and This is Us, playing Ms. Pac-man - and road trips!

Fun Fact
Once interviewed Hillary Clinton on the red carpet (full disclosure: it was actually Kate McKinnon from SNL)

Our Lives

We are at a point in our lives where we are stable and secure professionally and financially and have more free time. Weekdays are still strictly breakfast-commute-dinner-sleep focused, but we do a 180 on the weekends when we relax, work on art projects, hit the farmer's market, feed the geese at the park, and generally tool around having low-key fun, whether we stay in the neighborhood or go away. Our home is our sanctuary, and we both very much enjoy the pastime of creating a cozy and welcoming space. We recently finished building a window seat with a view of the walnut trees shading our rose garden. We are fortunate that in addition to exploring interests during our free time, our jobs also allow us to indulge our curiosity and love of learning, and it will be rewarding to share this wonder at the world with a child, hoping to be able to guide them through the good and bad of it, all the while helping them develop a strong sense of self and a love for the world and the people in it.

Our Family

We began seriously discussing adoption after a period of long-term caregiving to Laure's grandmother in France. Being a family means also sharing the tough times, and we were lucky to be at her side. Once back in NYC, we looked forward to having our own family. Frederick feels that raising a child that's already here in the world (or almost here!) is something of a calling; he is close with four adopted cousins, ranging in age from 5 to 40 years old, and went to grade school with many of the children that lived nearby in an orphanage. Twice a year Frederick's parents drive down to the city from Canada, and the lot of us believe the joy of family is also sharing the good times. Holidays are reserved for time with extended family and friends-whether it's hosting large dinner parties, Caribbean cruises, or simply hanging out at Frederick's parents' lake house playing board games.

In Conclusion

Bedtime stories and beyond: At first it's simply going to be super-amazing to be entrusted with bringing up a precious (and maybe precocious) little one, but we also can't wait to settle into being normal, everyday, loving parents. We appreciate your taking the time to read about us-there are many lovely waiting families out there. Of course, truly getting to know someone is hard to do through a handful of photos and a few words; if you feel drawn to us in your search for an adoptive family, we would very much like to continue the conversation in person.