Hello, we are Fernando & Kate!

We’re Fernando and Kate, and people ask us if we met on the internet. We have to respond that we actually met before the internet was a thing. In 1989, Kate was an exchange student in Brazil, and she met Fernando through friends. We were very close friends for nearly 25 years, and then decided in 2013 to date, and then married the following year. (Our families all say that we were a little bit “slow” to realize something they had seen all along--that we were right for each other!)

By the time we got married, we were both well into our 40’s, and having biological children was not an option. More importantly, we know that we can love your child as much as we would a biological child. We have adopted siblings on both sides of our families, and so we have their full support. Your child will be welcomed into our home and extended family with open arms.

About Fernando

Job Description
Electrical Engineering Lab Technician

Cycling (I’m an avid cyclist!) and music--from Pink Floyd to bluegrass to jazz. I play the guitar and am learning the banjo.

Fun Fact
Fernando drinks Yerba Mate every day, a drink from South America.

About Kate

Job Description
Public High School Spanish Teacher

Being outdoors, hiking, camping, rock-climbing, riding my bike around town, yoga, and reading. I also love to sing and dance!

Fun Fact
Kate's favorite food is Vietnamese.

Our Lives

Our lives are full, but we have a very easy routine. Kate does most of the cooking in our family, while Fernando cleans and repairs things. We have regular work schedules, and always eat dinner together. We’ve known each other nearly thirty years, so our life together is easy-going and calm. We go out on the weekends typically but are also content to watch a movie and turn in early. We have lots of friends with children, so we spend a good deal of time at playgrounds and parks! We speak Portuguese at home, so your child will grow up speaking fluent Portuguese, and will travel to Brazil about once a year to visit Fernando’s family there.

Our Family

Our immediate families live in Massachusetts and Brazil, but Kate’s cousin and partner with whom we are very close live in NYC. We see them often, and we have many friends that we consider family. Fernando has four siblings, one of whom lives in Texas, and we see her about twice a year. Kate’s siblings (two biological siblings and one adopted brother) live in Boston, and she has a two-year-old niece who has ‘never met a stranger.’ All of them are fully supportive of our decision to adopt. Fernando’s family is also very excited about welcoming a new member of the family. His parents have seven grandchildren and will love your child as much as the other children.

In Conclusion

“We will be honored to raise your child, who will be bilingual and well-traveled!”

- Fernando & Kate