Hello, we are David & Josh!

We are an adventurous couple living in Queens, NY.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to meet you and to share our excitement about building our family through adoption.

Before landing in one of the world's most diverse neighborhoods, we grew up as suburban boys in tight-knit, creative families in New Jersey and upstate New York. Our mothers are educators who taught us to keep our hearts and minds open by always learning about the world around us. That love of learning drew us together at a friend's dinner party nearly 10 years ago, where we talked, laughed, and nibbled on chocolate until the sun came up.

Since our early days as a couple, we knew that we wanted to build a family together because we saw so many qualities in each other that will make us loving dads. David pictures Josh singing sweet lullabies at bedtime, and Josh imagines David teaching our child yoga poses and how to make the best pancakes ever.

Our hearts are wide open to welcoming a little one, and we cannot wait to show a child the kindness and compassion that are the common threads in our families and friendships.

About David

Job Description
Marketing Director

Running, cooking, yoga, travel & reading

Fun Fact
David can converse in several languages, from Spanish to Hungarian, and has a bizarre knack for picking up a language after spending only a few hours in a new country.

About Josh

Job Description

Singing, going to the theater, reading, pretending to be David’s personal travel agent, exploring NYC

Fun Fact
Thanks to a family that loved to take road trips growing up, Josh has visited 49 U.S. states. Only one to go!

Our Lives

We fill our lives with adventures big and small, trying to learn from each experience while connecting with the world around us.

During the week, we make time to hear about each other's day over dinner, just as our families did growing up. We also stay close to our extended family and friends through emails, FaceTime, coffee dates, and reunions.

On weekends, you'll find us visiting friends and exploring NYC neighborhoods, searching out new art exhibits or street festivals. Or we'll invite our families over-especially our adorable one-year-old niece-to catch up, play, and relax. We also love to travel when we have time off, and we look forward to cooking the delicious new dishes we've discovered when we return home.

While we've explored so much together, we cannot imagine how much fun it will be to experience the world with the child we're lucky enough to welcome into our family.

Our Family

Our families' love and laughter fill whatever room we're in, whether we're celebrating holidays in Josh's childhood home near Albany or playing with our niece at David's sister's house in New Jersey. She's brought out the playfulness and imagination in all of us!

For Josh's family - his parents, sister, aunt, and uncle - our child will be the first one of the next generation. David's mom can't wait for us to bring a second grandchild into her family. And we know that our niece will have so much fun crawling around with a little cousin.

We also have an extended family filled with friends from different points in our lives. We're excited to introduce our child to these loving friends and the many playmates within the growing group.

In Conclusion

Thank you so much for inviting us to share in your adoption journey. If you choose us to parent your child, we will work together every day to ensure that he or she feels loved, cared for, protected, and challenged to become his or best self. We will kiss every bruise, laugh often, play together, and help him or her cope with life's many ups and downs. Most important, if you choose us to be your child's parents, we will honor your decision to bring our families together each and every day.