Hello, I am Crissy!

I am happy you're taking the time to learn about my life. I hope to soon learn about yours and that we'll be on a healthy, patient, and loving journey together.

I'm a creative, fun-loving, lover of the arts and culture, living in New York City. I moved here from Syracuse, New York in 2003 after completing my Masters degree in television and film which is also what I work in for a living.

I always knew that I would become a mother, and I always knew that adoption was in my future. It was a word I often heard growing up, from my mom who often regrets not adopting after I was born. Also, a few close friends that I grew up with were adopted and I remember their journeys.

I am a part of a really loving, supportive family who always made me feel like the most special kid in the room. Because of that, I have so much to give and I have an amazing mom as role model. I want my child to know that they can be their truest self; feel supported, safe, secure in themselves, home and family. Myself, I was a hard-studying theatre kid who loved both music videos and reading books under the covers at night. I wrote lyrics with friends to perform for classmates and rehearsed plays in the drama club. My family was always in front row in all things and this is the kind of mom I will be. Whichever path my child decides, whether playing sports, figuring out equations as a rocket scientist or having me taste-test recipes as a chef (yes, please), I will give them unconditional love and support from day one so they know they are the most special kid in the room.

About Crissy

Job Description
Digital Director at television media company

Going to museums (the Museum of Art and Design being my favorite), swing dancing, making things with my hands such as crocheting mittens and hats for friends and family

Fun Fact
My swing dance performances have been at the Coney Island Mermaid Parade, Lincoln Center, and in The New Yorker!

My Life

I'm originally from Syracuse, New York, a small college town in the middle of the state that is full of snow - 5 feet on average. I went to college in Rochester, New York and studied at Bath University (right outside of London) and Oxford University. When I graduated college, I quickly went to graduate school back in Syracuse and received a Masters in Television, Radio, and Film. I moved to New York City in 2003 and it has been my home away home ever since. The culture! The food! I don't have to shovel snow!

I am thankful for my life and all the color in it. I have built a vibrant home and family of friends in Brooklyn. My neighborhood is close to Prospect Park, and is full of beautiful, unique homes with wrap-around porches and front yards with tulips and lilacs. It's a very diverse, creative and welcoming community with lots of families, parks and activities for young children. I feel welcome here, I can picture my life with a child here, and I feel safe. And with the opportunity to have a child, I now feel excited. I look forward to bringing my child to the park, to the local community events, and to have them grow up in such a special neighborhood.

My family is very close, and I try to see both my family and friends as often as possible. Everyone is so excited about me bringing a child into our world. Many people in my life live in my neighborhood, which creates a tight supportive network. Many of them are having their own families, so it's a great community to be a part of and have cousins for the baby to play and grow up with.

My life is a healthy mix of work and play. I have a creative job in a vibrant city, fun hobbies, and the travel I have done so far. But, my life is also very solid, stable, and healthy. I'm surrounded by good people, and I've made good choices. Growing my family is the next choice I'm making and I'm looking forward for what's to come.

My Family

My family provides you with unconditional love. My family comes in two parts: my family in Syracuse and my friends that have become my family.

I have a small family that is incredibly close. What we lack in numbers, we triple in love. My mom and aunt are a year apart, and both are from Mississippi. They have been my greatest life and adoption cheerleaders and can't wait to feed the new baby – as their Southern meals can sooth adults and babies alike. Food in my family is a constant through-line. My cousin and her husband have a toddler who I call "Pancake" or "Biscuit" depending on the day, (note the food nicknames here as well) who I love very much. We're very big on family barbecues for summer holidays and in the winter months like Christmas, we crowd around my aunt's twirling and nearly tipping, over decorated tree to open presents, laugh, and go home with full bellies.

My friends are my loyal supporters. I have a really diverse group of old friends here in the city. Many I met when we were very young and have seen each other through ups and downs and they are my sisters and brothers. They come from where I'm from to as far as Bombay in India. This diversity not only enriches my life, but I hope will bring insight and knowledge about the world's many cultures to my child as well. We're each other's foundation in so many ways, and they will be the aunties and uncles the child will grow to know and love as I am to my friends' children.

In Conclusion

I have a great mom, and I will constantly work to be a great mom. I'm open, patient, kind, funny, loving, and dependable. I'm a stable good person. Adoption is not my last option, adoption is my option.

As the tummy mommy, I want to hug you and tell you not to worry. You matter, your story matters and you are important. I will be a good mommy and forever love you and this child.