Post-Adoption Coaching Services

Whether you’re a birth parent, adoptee or adoptive parent, the need for support doesn’t end after placement. Spence-Chapin offers lifelong support and guidance at every phase of your adoption journey. We offer in-person or phone sessions on a variety of issues in an accepting, nonjudgmental environment.

Coaching vs. Counseling

Our clients often wonder whether they need coaching or counseling support. Coaching is short-term, solution focused support that focuses on a specific issue. Because there is no diagnosis or therapeutic intervention involved, it is not in-depth psychotherapy and therefore is not insurance reimbursable.

Coaching sessions can take place by phone, video or in person.

Search and Reunion

Are you thinking about, have been contacted by or started a search for your birth family? This can be an emotional and thought-provoking time. Our experienced coaches can provide support and guidance as you process the different emotions. A coaching session with one of our experts can provide you with a safe space to talk about your concerns.

For Adoptees

  • Explore needs and experiences outside of other’s expectations

  • Navigate relationships and contact

  • Learn to set and manage expectations

For Birth Families

  • Review placement

  • Consider how search will impact other family members

  • Explore/expand identity as a birth parent

For Adoptive Parents

  • Review adoption information/story to uncover feelings

  • Identify your own issues and how that impacts the child’s search experience

  • Provide guidance and practical steps for reconnection

Talking About Adoption/Parent Coaching

As children get older, they begin to understand differences across the board – race, different family make-up, adoption – so there are more questions. Not only do they begin to understand more, they also get questions from other children. Parents also become more aware of differences and benefit from being reminded of all the things they learned during the home study that are now beginning to play out.

  • Get tips for school issues/play dates

  • Anticipate issues related to race if you’re a transracial family

  • Get support to share more difficult information

  • Is it adoption or teenager issues?


Navigating Openness

Communication is an integral part of navigating openness in relationships between birth parents, adoptive parents and children. Do you need support managing the openness as your child asks more questions about their adoption? Do you need ideas to increase communication or set boundaries? Our experienced coaches can help you best navigate the openness in all the relationships throughout your family’s different development stages.

  • Manage loss and separation issues at different stages after placement

  • Understand how to talk about placement with family, friends and strangers

  • Navigate relationships with birth family, adoptive parents and child at different ages

  • Get support for birthland trips / international search

Your Coach will offer practical tips and resources so you can make immediate changes. Each coach brings decades of experience working with adoptive families and helping kids & their parents succeed.


Coaching is not considered a therapeutic service and therefore is not insurance reimbursable. Together we’ll create an individualized plan to help you and your family.

One 60-minute phone session: $150