Meet Chotsani!

I’m a single woman.

I want to adopt because I’ve always wanted my own family, and to have children. I thought I needed to wait until marriage to have a child. I am ready now to share my love, affection and generosity with a child. I love being surrounded by friends and family, and try to bring positivity to them, live a balanced life, have fun, relax, and stay grounded.

My family and friends are very happy that I will soon become a parent. I have been talking about it for years. They are ready to pitch in and babysit. Since most of them are parents, it means a lot to me that they are so supportive of me and have confidence in my ability to parent.

Thank you for reading my profile, and considering me to raise your child. I look forward to adding you both to my family.


About Chotsani

Job Description
Lawyer/ Project Manager

Reading, Yoga, Coloring, Cooking, and Baking

Fun Fact
I really like to cook, mostly American dishes, Italian, and some Caribbean foods, as well as bake brownies. My favorite foods to eat at restaurants however, are Mediterranean, Indian and Thai. These are the types of food I find most difficult to cook, so I leave it to the experts.

I also like going to sports games to feel the energy of the crowd, or watching them on television in a group setting.

I also like to travel.

My Life

Family connections are important to me. A child will be loved unconditionally, nurtured, protected, and empowered. As they enjoy their childhood filled with laughs and giggles, I want them to feel safe, and look forward to teaching them at home before they start school. I look forward to exposing them to and seeing the world through their eyes. During recent trips to Botanical Gardens and the Aquarium with friends and family, I wondered what it would be like to see my child’s reaction to the flowers, trees and animals. I can’t wait to go back with my son or daughter.

My Family

My immediate family is my mom, me and my sister. My extended family is large on my paternal grandmother’s, paternal grandfather’s, and maternal grandfather’s sides. Each group has family gatherings 1+ times a year. Other important people in my life: My godson, Elijah, is 7. His mom, Amatullah is my best friend since 6th grade. I’ve been friends with Rabiya since we went to law school together. Crystal and Ian, and I have known each other since undergrad. Gerianne started out as my 7th and 8th grade teacher, we now go to the beach and attend cultural events together.

Final Thoughts

“Thank you for considering me to raise your child. I do not take your decision lightly and would be blessed by your decision. I am looking forward to rocking him or her to sleep, feeding and playing with him or her, bonding with him or her, and providing a forever home.”

- Chotsani