Finding Birth Family Online

There was an excellent feature on ABC News on June 25th about how Facebook is impacting the world of adoptive and birth families. As I pointed out in my article in Adoptive Families magazine on the same topic, individuals now have access to each other without the support or preparation that can be so helpful in negotiating these new relationships. While openness is a wonderful opportunity for all members of the adoption triad to know each other and understand their shared path, relationships are never easy and often fraught with emotional landmines. Teenagers are particularly prone to jumping in rather than slowly building these relationships. Parents need to keep communication going about what their kids are feeling and wanting to do in relationship to their birth family.

Non-Profits Online: The Web, Social Media and Blogs

During Internet Week New York (June 7-14), I have been thinking about the role that the internet, and particularly social media, has come to play in the life of Spence-Chapin and other non-profits. Over the past year, we have watched our online involvement grow from a simple hand-coded webpage to a dynamic site, ripe with content, multiple Facebook groups, a Facebook page with over 600 fans, and an adoption blog.