Hello, we are André-Michel & Maymuchka!

We met in 2002 in New York and fell in love with each other and with the city. Soon after we met, our careers led us to live in Africa for four years, in Europe for two years (where our daughter Inés, now 8, was born), before coming back to New York. Having Inés (the joy of our lives) proved more difficult than we had envisaged: we had difficulty conceiving. Since then, after much hesitation (mainly from André-Michel's side), we have totally embraced the idea of making our family bigger by adopting another child. It is a dream for the three of us with the full support of our parents, siblings, and friends on both sides. We are so excited by the prospect of welcoming a baby in our home that we barely spend a day without talking about it.

About André-Michel

Job Description
Political Affairs Officer

Reading, theater, listening to music, and traveling

Fun Fact
At almost 42, he is learning how to swim at the urging (and mocking!) of his daughter.

About Maymuchka

Job Description
Human Rights Officer

Reading, hanging out with friends and family, trying restaurants, and traveling

Fun Fact
Even though she is scared of getting in a car accident, she once jumped out of a plane!!

About Inés

Job Description
4th Grade Student

Reading, sports, playing the cello, traveling, and dancing

Fun Fact
The only time she doesn't talk is when is reading! (She even talks in her sleep!)

Our Lives 

Maymuchka grew up in Montreal, Canada, in a family originally from Haiti. André-Michel grew up in Douala, Cameroon, a West African country where French and English are spoken. Both of our extended families made of many cousins, aunts, uncles have been and continue to be very present in our lives. The warmth and love that we enjoyed while growing up continue to be central to our own family of three. There is often people visiting us. We usually listen to music. We love talking and hanging out with each other and with friends, traveling and discovering new places as well. A good meal at the end of the day is often a central moment. In part because we have spent the past 15 years together and far from our respective countries of birth, we tend to enjoy moments spent together and with our families as precious gifts. In recent years, New York has become our home, and we are very happy here. At home we speak English and French.

Our Family

Whether it is at home with friends or just the three of us, on our way to school and work, traveling to our families in Canada, Haiti, or simply visiting new places in Morocco, we feel lucky to be together as a family.

Our preferred activities often include playing soccer, biking, picking apples, or skiing. We also enjoy having brunch on weekends, hosting friends and families, and traveling to new and old places.

Shortly after her birth, Inés was baptized at the same church we got married in years before. Standing with us in the picture is the priest as well as her godfather, Patrice, and her godmother, Vivian.

Inés is the joy of our life. She is talkative, sensitive, open-minded and very very loving. Interestingly, she took the bold step of convincing her father that adoption was a great option to enlarge our family. So she succeeded where her mother had not, in less than 24 hours. She made the case that she would really love to have a sibling and that she will take care of her or him. As we write these words, she has asked to edit them so that we make the best possible case for birth parents considering placing their child for adoption.

In Conclusion

A saying holds that it takes only two people to make a child, but it takes a community to raise him or her. We will be privileged to be leading members of the community chosen to raise another child, your child. Thank you.