Waiting Child

Adoptions With Love, Inc., an adoption agency located in Massachusetts, is looking for an adoptive family for a little girl born in April of 2015. The following information was provided by Adoptions With Love:

The child was born with Chromosomal abnormalities. She is of Hungarian, Irish, and English heritage. She has significant brain damage and presently she is developmentally at a 3-4-month old level. She is fed via G-tube but does eat some baby food by mouth. She has Urinary/Kidney reflux with Multiple infections and has been on many antibiotics. She has also been diagnosed with Glaucoma. 

The child presently has 24/7 nursing care and is seen weekly by Early Intervention and receives Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech therapy. The child’s birth parents will want periodic updates and possible visits. 

If you would like more information about this child, please contact:
Amy S. Cohen, LICSW

** Please note that Spence-Chapin is not involved in any aspect of this adoption. We have no further information and all inquiries should be directed to Adoptions With Love, Inc.