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The enthusiasm and dedication of many helping hands can touch hundreds of children in need. There are many ways to help Spence-Chapin's efforts to provide permanent homes to children.

Projects vary and time commitments are flexible.

  • Event Support
  • Phone-a-thons and Fundraisers
  • Administrative Support
  • Creative Support (e.g. graphic design, writing)
  • Grassroots Community Outreach

Need to fill community service hours for school? Want to be involved with a community that means something special to you? There are events to be planned and files to be filed.

If you interested in becoming an volunteer, email us at


The Young Leadership Committee (YLC) works collaboratively with the Spence-Chapin Institutional Advancement Team to host a series of fundraisers, social events and other initiatives to support the organization?s mission and to raise public awareness around child welfare and social justice issues. Members are passionate about giving vulnerable children everywhere the loving family they need. Learn more.  

Who Volunteers At
Amanda Gordon Amanda Gordon says, “I am very thankful for my family and wanted to show my appreciation to Spence-Chapin. Over the summer I volunteered in the Development Department, where I called Spence-Chapin families about the 100 year anniversary. It was great to meet some of the people who have been working there for years, including people who helped with my adoption, as well as my little sister's. It was a very rewarding experience and I hope to stay involved as I get older. ”