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Throughout Spence-Chapin's 100-year history, we have always been responsible, strategic stewards of our resources by ensuring they are directed where they have the greatest impact. That's why we have shifted our mission to focus exclusively on finding permanent families for older children, siblings and children with special needs who are languishing in foster homes and orphanages around the world. That's why we are recruiting a wider pool of adoptive parents by reducing obstacles to adoption and advocating fiercely to lower the barriers of eligibility for today's families - LGBTQ, blended, mixed race and single parent. And, it's why we will continue to guide these families with lifelong support and education to ensure their success.

Now, more than ever, our ability to create permanent, loving families for the children who desperately need them relies on the generosity of our donors-people who believe as we do that every child deserves a family. With our expertise, commitment to fiscal responsibility and the generous support from our donors, we can help more children find the love they desperately need. We can help more families approach adoption with open hearts and clear expectations. And we can help create more permanent, loving families just as we've always done.

Your contributions keep Spence-Chapin strong and allow our adoption services, our Modern Family Center counseling and support services, and our child welfare initiatives to flourish. Thank you for sharing our commitment to helping children in need of loving families.

Who Supports
Laurel and Gerald Laurel and Gerard Haizel began contributing to Spence-Chapin because, they say, “We have definitely utilized all of the agency’s services now that we have adopted three children. We feel you should put your money where your heart is, and our heart is definitely at Spence-Chapin. It is very important to us to support what you do.”