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For Service Providers

A woman who's just learned of an unplanned pregnancy may be unaware of all her options. Spence-Chapin is available to assist women who are facing a crisis due to a pregnancy or recent birth. Our Master's level social workers will come to your agency, hospital, clinic or another location to speak to your client or patient about all of her options. There will never be any pressure to make an adoption plan. Make a Referral Spence-Chapin provides trainings for clinicians, educators, and health providers on a range of issues related to contemporary adoption practice. Please learn more by reading the pages that follow. The agency also collaborates with other organizations and government agencies, and engages in policy work to improve adoption services.

Families who adopt through foster care have a unique opportunity to bring positive change to a child's life by providing a safe, loving and permanent family. Spence-Chapin's Foster-Adoption Counseling, Education, and Support (FACES) program offers training for child welfare professionals working with families making this transition. Click here for a list of topics or to request a training for your site.

Next to parents, teachers are one of the strongest influences on how children think about themselves. The Modern Family Center team offers group and individual trainings for educators and administrators, with a focus on speaking positively about adoption; assignments on lineage and origin; addressing questions other students have about adoption; and more. Learn how we can offer this training to your child's school.