FREE Options Counseling for Pregnant Women & Biological Parents

FREE Options Counseling

Healthy Women, Strong Families

If you are pregnant or a new parent and don’t know what to do because you are uncertain about parenting, you have options in creating the best plan for your baby or child.

Our experienced Licensed Social Workers can support you through this process. No matter how far along you are in your pregnancy or if you have already given birth, you can call us for free confidential counseling about your options. We can help you make the choice that is right for you and your family. Your wishes and decisions will always be respected and supported.

We understand this may be a confusing and difficult time, and by considering all your options, you are taking responsibility and showing you care deeply about yourself and your baby.

Call 24/7 at 800-321-LOVE (5683) or Text 646-306-2586.

We are committed to providing the highest quality service:

  • Free, confidential and unbiased services
  • Translation and interpreters provided. Staff speaks English, Spanish, and Chinese. 
  • Non-judgmental and experienced adoption agency 
  • Convenient office locations and home visits within 100 miles of New York City (Long Island, the Hudson Valley, Westchester, New Jersey and Connecticut)
  • Proven 100 year history of finding loving homes for children of any background, including children born with special needs
  • Assistance covering critical pregnancy-related expenses for biological parent(s)
  • Commitment to serving all people in need including minors, LGBTQ people, immigrants and undocumented immigrants, those with addiction, those with chronic illness and survivors of rape, incest or other crimes. Please call us for confidential assistance.
  • If choosing adoption; we will discuss birth parent rights, support in making an open adoption plan and choosing a family for your baby

The options we can discuss are:

  • Parenting with Support
  • Adoption
  • Kinship Care
  • Foster Care
  • Termination



"To know that Spence-Chapin is there to help you out when you are very alone and very scared is a huge comfort.”
- Aline, on receiving free options counseling and adoption planning with Spence-Chapin
“They were very professional and understanding - they didn’t pressure me at all.”
– Melissa, on working with Spence-Chapin’s social workers

Interim Care For babies

We understand that women and their partners need time and space to make a decision about the future of their family, especially after a recent birth of a child. Spence-Chapin’s Interim Care Program allows babies to be cared for in a loving home by a nurturing caregiver straight from the hospital so that biological parents have additional time to plan. Biological parents retain parental rights while their baby is in Interim Care and are free to visit their child. 

For Professionals

We value the relationships we have with doctors, nurses, social workers, and other professionals in connecting us to women and couples in need of options counseling and adoption-related services.

To better assist you, we offer free presentations and informational materials about our services to pregnant women and biological parents. Our goal is to provide women and couples with comprehensive and unbiased options counseling as well as promote the understanding of adoption through public education. Read More