Melissa & Donald

We are Donald and Melissa.  We grew up less than a mile away from each other never knowing. One night 9 years ago our paths crossed and our lives changed forever.  We were both at a point in our lives that we wanted to settle down, start a family and begin our journey together. We shared all the same ideas & values about all the important things in life and at the top of our list was FAMILY. From the beginning we wanted to fill our home with children and tons of love. God blessed us with two healthy amazing little boys.  Having another baby biologically was not in the cards for us but we were not sad.  We knew in our hearts adoption was the path to take to grow our family.  Being parents already there is no doubt in our minds we were meant to have more children.  We have A LOT of love to give and are waiting to love both you and your child.

About Melissa

Job Description:
Bookkeeper, Office Manager, Stay-At-Home Mom

Cooking, arts and crafts with kids, bike riding, interior design and shopping

Fun Fact:
I love doing laundry. I know it’s hard to believe. My family makes fun of me. I can do it all day.

About Donald

Job Description:
Self-Employed Builder

Snowmobiling, fishing, jet skiing, boating, playing sports with the boys

Fun Fact:
I have a twin sister. I also boxed in the Golden Gloves when I was younger.


Our Lives

Our neighborhood has tons of children. Every year we have a huge block party with a DJ, bouncy houses & face painting. Our town has one of the top rated schools on Long Island. We have town parks, beaches & museums we attend regularly. Our weekends consist of doing family activities. Don enjoys playing sports with our boys, bike riding & boating. I love to cook and make sure we eat dinner together every night. Every Sunday is pasta day and we invite anyone who wants to come. No one ever says no. We get a large crowd and we love it. When we are not home you can find us at our most favorite place to be, our lake house in the Adirondacks. We escape to the lake every chance we get. We spend our days swimming, boating, and collecting tadpoles. We have a sandy beach that makes for great sandcastles and bonfires. On holiday weekends the whole family comes and has a ball!

Our Family

Donnie James is 9 and will be an amazing big brother to your baby, he has had plenty of practice. He loves school, football and LOVES the ice cream man. We have gotten in the car many times to chase down the ice cream man.

Vincent is 7 and CANNOT wait to be a big brother to your baby. He loves art and soccer. He is so funny and has the best personality. We explained to them the importance of their duties as older brothers and they promise to love and take care of your child, but they both agreed that they “will not change poopy diapers.”

Don and I are so blessed to have all of our siblings and parents living close by. Don has a sister and Melissa has two brothers and a sister. There are plenty of babysitters for “Date Night.”

In Conclusion

As parents already, we know firsthand the tremendous sacrifice you are making because of the love you have for your child. As your child’s adoptive parents we can promise you that your child will be happy, healthy, loved & cherished unconditionally. You are in our prayers throughout this process and hopefully we will be blessed to know you soon.