People have described me as a down to earth, open-minded, warm and loving person with an optimistic outlook and youthful spirit. I’ve been truly blessed with a beautiful life surrounded by my amazing family and friends. I cherish my many wonderful and unique experiences, found a very fun and rewarding career in fashion and love living in my hometown and the greatest city in the world, NYC! However, I’ve always wanted to be a mom – to love and nurture a child and see them develop their own uniqueness. I know there are many paths to having a family, circumstances that bring people together in a ‘meant to be’ kind of way, and my heart fills with joy when I think about welcoming my first child into my life through adoption. I’m lucky that most of my family, along with my many dear friends live very close to my Manhattan home. All of them are super excited to see me become a mother and share their love with my child. 

About Karen


Sports and Interior decorating

Fun Fact
I’ve travelled to more than 40 states and 40 countries and I have backpacked solo around the world for a year. I can speak Spanish almost fluently, and also have studied French, Italian and Greek!

My Life

I’m lucky that I get to share the things I love with my family, friends and their children here in NYC. And we do A LOT! We often go to the parks and playgrounds nearby to ride bikes, play basketball or just go for a quiet walk. Since I was born in the Bronx, we also go to Yankee stadium to root for my favorite team. We visit all the great museums and see all kinds of music concerts and shows. We spend a lot of time at a beautiful beach area close by where the days and nights are filled with building sand castles, swimming, sunset barbecues and eating lots and lots of ice cream! I have a passion for traveling and hope to instill a sense of adventure and exploration in my child as well. I can’t wait to introduce them to all the wonderful things the city and the world have to offer, and for them to share in the fun times and make new memories with the rest of our family and friends.

My Family

I share a very close relationship with my 2 sisters and brother. We are a fun, silly creative bunch who enjoy teaching and coaching. My mom is a retired 1st grade teacher who LOVES spending time with her 4 grandchildren - all boys. While sadly my dad passed away, he worked was a police officer in NYC. I hope to raise my child like my parents raised us - with lots of love and laughter, to value education and hard work, to always be honest, respectful and kind to others, and that we can do anything! 

I love every minute of my joyful role of aunt, godmother, ‘kini’, and ‘ KD’ to my nephews and close friends’ many children who all have a special place in my heart. My treasured moments with them include helping with homework and art projects, listening to them talk about their day at school, decorating gingerbread houses, and cheering them on at dance recitals or lacrosse matches..and the hugs and kisses! 

My amazing and diverse group of friends mean the world to me. Many of them live nearby , but some live in other countries, including England, Italy, Turkey, Greece and India!

In Conclusion

I hope you were able to see who I am as a person and what my life is like with my beautiful family and friends. Most importantly, I want you to find comfort in how I would love and care for your child should you choose me as their parent. I have great admiration for your strength and appreciate the difficult decision you are making. I look forward to meeting with you to learn more about each other and your dreams for your child.