About Daniel

Job Description:
University professor and advisor to the United Nations

Underwater rugby, guitar, salsa dancing

Fun Fact:
Daniel is on the US national team for underwater rugby and speaks eight languages

Daniel & Richa

Multi-racial and multi-cultural – Richa is originally from India and Daniel from Germany, and our child will have an extended family that includes members who are American, Indian, German, English, Thai, Chinese and New Zealander.

Warm and loving – we’ve been together for more than ten years and adore each other, hardly ever fight and have very open and sensitive communication, into which warm and loving web we hope to welcome our child, as well as you, our child’s birth family.

Adventurous and outgoing – we love travelling, have backpacked in Tanzania and Indonesia, have, between us, lived and worked in 18 countries, and look forward to continuing to travel to different parts of the US and the world with our child. 

Diverse – even within our immediate family, we have a diverse set of career choices and role models our child can choose from – we have 3 teachers, including Daniel’s brother who teaches refugee children, musician, performance artist, baker, owner of a Thai massage parlor, real estate administrator and a pilot. 


About Richa

Job Description:

Travel, badminton, salsa dancing

Fun Fact:
Richa climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and used to have a goat as a child

Our Lives

We are a very loving couple, and our home is filled with warmth, humor and laughter. We love dancing, be it salsa, Indian Bollywood, or any other music that comes our way. We sometimes spend evenings playing board games, and sometimes Daniel plays the guitar and we sing. On weekends, we like to go hiking in the Hudson valley, spend the day on Far Rockaway beach, or meet close friends for a meal. Our friends are a very diverse set of people – often mixed-race couples like us, many from different parts of the world, with a diverse set of professions and hobbies. 

We love doing things that are unusual. We backpacked for 3 months in Tanzania in 2007 and then again in Indonesia in 2010 – each time living with local people, seeing exotic animals and doing interesting activities. We hope to take several such vacations with our child – living simply and locally, seeing new places, learning about other cultures and languages, and interacting with people of different backgrounds.

Our Family

Richa’s parents and her sister Riju, who is 6 years younger than Richa, are very close. They live in India and the whole family skypes at least once a week. We also have a close relationship with Richa’s extended family, including her many aunts and uncles, 8 cousins, their spouses and children. They are scattered over New York, New Jersey, Syracuse, India, Singapore, and London, but get together for family events like weddings, which are loud, warm and fun. 

Daniel’s nuclear family lives in Berlin, Germany. His parents divorced when he was six years old. He and his brother Lennart, who is 4 years younger than Daniel, grew up with their father but they all remained close with their mother. Both his parents have remarried and we enjoy a warm and close relationship with Daniel’s father and stepmother, who was born in Thailand, his mother and stepfather and his brother and brother’s wife, who is half-New-Zealander. Christmas is a time for Daniel’s family to gather and we both try to be in Berlin over Christmas.

In Conclusion

We can only imagine how hard it must be to try and make the best decision for your child, weighing all factors, and deciding what family and surroundings you would like to see your child grow up in. We know that there will be ups and downs and that bringing up a child comes with challenges. What we can promise you is that we will love our child and do whatever we can to help her or him to feel safe and be happy, and achieve his or her full potential, and do our best to bring up a mature, balanced person who will love and respect us, the adoptive parents, as well as you, the birth family.